380 pages for a Door Stop

Council goes Blows MORE Ratepayer Money!



How to greet my Monday morning when reading the NZ Herald:

Auckland Council‘s glossy view ‘an appalling waste’

By Wayne Thompson

Auckland Council has spent $411,000 producing a glossy book about how it wants to create the world’s most liveable city by 2040. The Auckland Plan has 380 pages as well as a 60-page addendum of projects, and makes much use of large colour pictures. The production cost – working out at $41 a copy – was obtained from the council under the Official Information Act.

In response to Herald inquiries, the council said 10,000 copies were printed and made available free at council service centres and libraries. They also went to Government agencies, other local authorities, universities, lobby groups and people who had offered comments on a 252-page draft plan late last year.

A northern ratepayer who wrote one of the 1140 submissions on the plan’s Urban Auckland growth chapter said last night she was disgusted to hear the book’s cost.


You could probably guess the rest of the article without clicking and going to read it. But after I posted this rather scathing piece on my main feature section about Council blowing our money, this little piece comes along to really get the ratepayer frothing at the mouth.


Well I am sorry but this got me firing off a series of comments all over the Internet on this waste – and got a few back in reply as well. Lets take a look:

  •  So leaving out the Mayor’s cocktail launch party, $1m would be a close enough figure, or labour costs going to kick it out further…
  • Or a door stop for the back door, fire starter with all that ink for the fire-place. But not great for compost because of the glossy paper and ink, nor great for my cat’s litter box (butt rash?). So Council is not living up to its green, sustainable or waste minimisation principles if I can not recycle it or use it as cat litter material…
  • Cute, I have just relegated the 384+ glossy booklet called the Auckland Plan to fire-place material. As even my cat can not use it…
  • Was that total production costs involving development though?
  • Usually double, so pushing near one mil for full costs. I’ll go ask someone in Council
  •  What if the next council doesn’t like their novella lol
  • That means ANOTHER 384 pages and countless man hours…
  • Cute, I have just relegated the 384+ glossy booklet called the Auckland Plan to fire-place material. As even my cat can not use it…
  • I am afraid if my cat used it as cat litter he would get terrible ass rash from all that caustic ink and glossy paper. How dreadful… 😛


I think from all that you can deduce three things:

  1. The actual waste in printing this document – especially if the new Council come 2013 decides to re-write the entire plan
  2. It is all airy and full of fluff (like the Mayor’s Office)
  3. I have relegated the Plan to cat litter jokes

So well done Auckland Council – again

Let me again post this wonderful picture while:

Lord help us of the new Council goes and decides to re-write the Auckland Plan 😛