Auckland Waterfront Campaign

NZ Herald Kicks off A Waterfront Campaign Again



Since Monday, I have noticed The NZ Herald now running a more concerted effort into this Waterfront Redevelopment campaign – with a spiel from Waterfront Auckland Chairman Bob Harvey appearing in today’s chapter.

These are the chapters from the NZ Herald Waterfront Campaign:

The campaign

This week, we examine the key issues in a campaign to break open Auckland’s waterfront. This means:

1) Opening up what’s already there for everyone’s use – particularly Queens Wharf, which is still far from reaching its potential;

2) Looking ahead to more wharves being opened, notably Captain Cook Wharf; and

3) Planning the entire waterfront – importantly, including ports land – as urban space, whether or not the working port is retained or developed.

Monday: What readers want on the waterfront
Tuesday: Auckland Architecture Association sketches the all-time good ideas
Today: Tourism on the waterfront
Tomorrow: The working port and its vision for Auckland
Friday: Where our city leaders stand.

Plus the Opening the waterfront: World’s best harbour – just add people


Bob Harvey: What’s next for Auckland waterfront?

You can click on the respective links thus far to see the Herald graphics and articles


Although on the back burner and about to be restarted, I started doing some draft work on what I would like to see on the Waterfront. Called The Auckland Water-Frontier, basically I kicked out Port of Auckland and relocated it to Clevedon and redeveloped the site in an area of mixed use. By mixed use I mean the Waterfront from Wynyard Quarter to Judges Bay would contain the following:

  • Open Green Space
  • Residential Living
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Commercial Retail/Services Space
  • Hotels
  • Two Cruise Ship Terminals
  • An Iconic NZ Statue
  • Two Feature Buildings
  • Utilise existing facilities such as Fish Markets and Maritime Museums
  • Hospitality Facilities (bars, cafes, restaurants etc)
  • Full Transit Links


I have both graphics and documents showing what I would like to see for the Auckland Waterfront


For Wynyard Quarter I have this from my time at the University of Auckland


And from Queen’s Wharf through to the east (Judges Bay) I have these two graphics highlighting my draft drawings thus far (click to enlarge)


I also highly recommend checking out my posts/commentary on The Auckland Water-Frontier by checking out The Auckland Water-Frontier Index which is updated when a new Water-Frontier post is written.


I shall endeavour to focus a bit more time on The Auckland Water-Frontier which commentary on Auckland’s Transport a bit dead at the moment. I’ll tell you what, by the end of next week I shall complete all the draft rendering for building representations and start work on some micro detailing to which I will showcase here at BR:AKL.


Again constructive feedback is welcome. Meanwhile I go send for thoughts and views to both the NZ Herald and Auckland Council on my thoughts for Auckland’s Waterfront come Frontier.


Although – another lost cause for Auckland here from the NZ Herald and our civic leaders? Or in short Auckland about to miss the boat – AGAIN? Suppose we shall see soon enough.