Greetings BR:AKL


Richard Donnagen Says Hi


Good evening everyone.

My name is Richard Donnagen. I am an amateur photographer and I like to travel and am a big fan of nice cars.


My other passion is transport, especially within Auckland and how to improve the current public transport system we have.

Ben has taken up more of the urban development side of Auckland and has asked that I take over the transport side of Auckland. I first heard of Voakl – now BR:Akl – a few months ago. A regular train traveller and an avid hater of travelling for long on a bus, I came across the blog casually while idling away on the train. I had spotted several other blogs, however, this blog – BR:Akl – has a wider perspective of things and somehow manages to get things done in regard to achieving results.

A classic example of this blog achieving results is the ten trips currently being sold by Veolia Transport on behalf of Auckland Transport. Their discount at current is between 10% and 16%. The new AT Hop cards were to only have a flat rate of 10% discount. As a frequent train traveller this was a big concern to me.  After BR:Akl blogged about it and media became aware of what was happening, Auckland Transport reviewed the discount rate and have decided to match the current discount rates.

This is why I commend BR:Akl for what they have managed to achieve so far and what I believe they will continue to achieve.

I am honoured to be a part of this movement and look forward to posting things on a regular basis. At this stage we are looking at a weekly post. This could change depending on how much there is to blog and also how much time I can find to post everything.


Looking forward to meeting you all,

Richard Donnagen