First Anniversary

One Year of BR:AKL


1st anniversary




My how time flies when you are having fun; and heck has a year flown since BR:AKL (formerly VOAKL) was “founded” in December 2011.

Yep, December 2nd marks the formal (first) anniversary date of this blog and it has been one interesting yet rewarding ride.


From starting and still maintaining An Independent Average Ratepayers’ View of Auckland while incorporating the “Shinning The Light at Issues in Auckland into the 2013 Local Government Elections Auckland YOUR CITY YOUR CALL” component as those elections draw ever-so nearer and one I am contesting; BR:AKL has been running that independent commentary and idea-making to those wanting a different take on Auckland’s issues.


BR:AKL has had some highlights such as the releasing of that Jasmax/StudioD4 report into urban intensification here in Auckland – before the Main Stream media ran their stories and causing once heck of a fiery debate that would result in the end with Auckland Council moving to adopt the 60:40 Brownfield:Greenfield urban development scheme.  Other highlights have been getting Auckland Transport to back down on the AT-HOP fares in September, highlighting the Family Pass issue, the Port of Auckland relocation debate, and the recent Manukau South Link “victory” scored last month.


Also the commentary and alternative idea proposing has been running strong with commentary and formal submissions (or attending forums) to the; Auckland and Long Term Plans, the Regional Public Transport Plan, and currently The Unitary Plan.

2012 also saw BR:AKL go under significant changes with a name change (from VOAKL to BR:AKL), reformatting, and tying into the launch of the website as I kicked off the first phase my campaign for Papakura Local Board in next year’s Local Government Elections.


And so it has been a very busy and interesting first year with BR:AKL. I hope to celebrate a few more anniversaries with this blog in running that “independent” commentary on all issues Auckland. Although it could be a bit interesting if I am elected next year to the Local Board.



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