Going Forward



After building upon the previous successes with more results coming from the Transport Committee on Wednesdsay and on Thursday with the Strategy and Finance Committee, I am quietly confident and excited that things are now actually looking brighter in regards to one aspect of Auckland’s transport system.

Brighter through private citizens’ led: ideas, strategies, knowledge, dialogue and hard slog that is slowly but surely causing change AND evolution in our often much to be desired transport system. Brighter because it is private citizens taking the lead with this new evolution of our transport system rather than the public civic institutions who while they do try their best, can get stuck in the mud and need an extended hand to get themselves out of the mud. In saying that I do stress that there is a partnership between the private citizen and the public civic institutions and that the citizen will always do their maintain that partnership to move Auckland forward. As the city does need the partnership, not one party either taking it all own their own or going on an empire building exercise as it simply (as often seen) will not work.


However patience is going to be the key here with this private citizen led evolution in Auckland’s transportation system – ‘because good things take time’ as the Mainland Cheese ad says. Some successful results will be “quick” and visible, others will be slow and often invisible (usually in the first instance) to the public eye. However with patience and faith, as well as knowing with every success there is also setbacks things for the better will happen.


And I wouldn’t be saying this if I did not have that confidence and excitement in Auckland’s transport actually and meaningfully going forward.