Rates – Yes Those Things called Your Rates Bill

So what you are up for in the 2013/2014 rates cycle



The Auckland Council Chief Financial Officer (CFO) this morning briefed a group of media on the Rates 2013/14 cycle. You will get your first Rates notice for this current cycle in the first week of August.

In the briefing today an outline was given behind this current rate cycle and methodology behind it. I will post some scanned material as embeds at the bottom of this post. I will also provide a list of links to the Auckland Council site dedicated to Rates.

In short though this is a brief outline of the Rates 2013/14 Cycle situation (and please do NOT shoot the messenger okay. I submitted to the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan so I tried to do my bit in “contributing” to council finances)

  • Rates will increase on average 2.9% for this cycle. This is below the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan
  • $145 million (or $325 incl. GST per ratepayer) of savings found
  • Rate Decrease Cap has dropped from 3.8% to 2.5% (yeah I am not happen as this stings me again)
  • The CAPEX is large (see below) but the rates rise was softened by a lower OPEX
  • There are dedicated or rater Targeted Rates in the Mangere/Otahuhu and Papatoetote/Otara Local Boards. This allows them to continue universal free entry to THEIR swimming pools at a cost of $31 and $13 per ratepayer respectively for those two Local Boards (Their average rates is around the $2,000 mark)
  • If I got this right, commercial proportion of total rates take for the Council goes down while residential proportion goes up
  • Those with Watercare (so not Papakura who are with Veolia Water) should have their water rates the same
  • Rates provide Council with 32% of their funding needs, the rest coming from other contributions, user charges, subsidies (Central Government (think transport) and borrowings (debt)

You can check these Council webpages to see more on Rates 2013/14, how much your property will be charged, and where your hard-earned rates money goes:

Of course keep an eye out in your letter box for Council flyers outlining rates and Council finance information over the next two months.


Some more information for your consumption on rates (spending and by Local Board)


And those are your rates for the 2013/14 cycle