The City Rail Link

Auckland Transport Releases new City Rail Link Video


This afternoon I noticed on Twitter the Mayor commenting AT releasing a new video on the much vaunted City Rail Link. You can see the YouTube video below


In the video you can see a basic outline on how the City Rail Link is a key piece of the rail and public transport network in Auckland. The CRL allows increased frequencies, two new CBD stations and the allowance to later build both the Airport and North Shore Lines (even possibly The Botany Line if the Sky Train option is not taken).

What the video did not say is that without the CRL the North Shore and Airport Lines can not be built and run effectively AT all!

So enjoy the clip folks


In the mean time this morning and early afternoon I will be going for a walk with Mayor Len Brown and Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid (and others) down Fort Street to mark its Shared Space Transformation and discuss movements towards making Auckland the World’s Most Liveable City.

Once back I will run some commentary on the matter, especially in light of these recent posts:


Can we create the World’s Most Liveable City? I’ll leave that answer to you