Updates and a Conversation

Some Transport Updates


Council wants a Housing Conversation with you



Recently I sent some enquiries away on progress of the following:

  • Manukau South Rail Link
  • Pukekohe Electrification
  • Level Crossing Grade Separation


The reply back to these enquiries have come through although while maybe not as concrete as some would like, progress continues and nothing has been so-called spannered.


Pukekohe Electrification

As we know this is around a $110m project to extend the electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe. The price tag was to include the following

  1. The “wires” being extended to Pukekohe from Papakura
  2. Signalling upgrades
  3. Paerata and Drury Stations being built (Pukekohe Station upgrade is dealt with under a separate budget line looking at the Auckland Transport Forward Planning sheets)
  4. Some more electric trains

From the update and what was noted on Twitter is that the modelling for Pukekohe Electrification (so a business case can be built) is soon to get under way. Furthermore with Auckland Transport behind the project and again looking at Tweets from a Local Board member it seems the resources to extend the electrification has been put aside (or in the progress of being doing so). I would be at a guess that if so with the resources then the final hurdle is the political hurdle – getting the Governing Body to “authorise” the project.

More on Pukekohe will be released when Auckland Transport is in a position to do so.


Level Crossing Grade Separation

This continues to be worked through between AT and the Main Council (including the Local Boards). I can not offer more on this folks apart from hopefully a public announcement from AT within the next few months.


Manukau South Rail Link

This had me nervous when the reply to the enquiries came back today. Good news is that Auckland Transport themselves have not rejected the South Link. However there will be no “sod-turning” ceremony yet folks as the Link works its way through the next stage: the main Council including the Local Boards. I know the southern Local Boards and the respective southern Ward Councillors last I checked (including checking the Budget Committee agenda paper) continue to support the Link so I am not expecting opposition from our elected representatives.

However all your T’s need to be crossed and all your I’s need to be dotted around issues of the South Link so I understand this will a bit longer to work through. These issues might include:

  • Cost of the link (should be $5 million if the duplicate north link was around $4m)
  • Port of Auckland losing a portion of their hard deck from their Wiri Inland Port site
  • Complex crossing patterns owing to the Inland Port site
  • Signalling
  • Wires
  • Timetabling and projected passenger numbers (thus what rolling stock needed)


But like the Rail Crossing situation a public announcement is expected within the next few months.

Hopefully the Link won’t be kicked out in being built in some period way down the track but rather if all things are sorted ready to by next year.


Sorry have not got anything more concrete folks but progress continues to be me made on all three fronts.

My thanks to Auckland Transport again for your response to the enquiries I had sent – Much appreciated


Slowly getting there with the Manukau South Rail Link
Slowly getting there with the Manukau South Rail Link

Auckland Council wants a conversation on Auckland Housing


I saw this pop up on Twitter just earlier


With the recent announcement about the third tranche of Special Housing Areas catching some criticism, the Council is starting an engagement on Twitter about Auckland Housing.

Join along and lets see where this goes.

I have already asked about what the Seven Strategic Special Housing Areas (I sit in the Takanini one) and what this means for these SSSHA’s over the life of the Unitary Plan once it becomes operative