Ad’s Posing as Journalism

We have this problem on both sides of the Political coin. While Slater should take a six month break from Blogging, Bomber should just sod off entirely with his “My way or the electorate is too stupid and needs to be educated” mantra.

Being tone deaf as Bomber, or inept which cost the Left despite the amount of cock ups from the Right, or ad’s posing as journalism does not help our democratic institution one little bit.

Suggestion to Central Politico Bloggers: Take a break until March next year and come back. Enjoy the Summer, recharge, refresh, new ideas.

That said plenty of fodder is up for grabs at Local Government level looking at the feeds this morning.

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Slightly Left of Centre

This morning I read a lengthy piece of advertising for left wing blogs.

You can see this advertisement here.

The “article” in question poses as journalism and purports to be an analysis of the impact of left wing blogs on the election.

While there is an element of analysis, the article reads more as a “if you don’t agree with Martyn Bradbury on The Daily Blog then you are confusing the message, and are the reason we lost.” (Like it’s nothing to do with being completely politically inept?)

The piece begins with a look at the ideal post election scenario as this clown (Alleged Lefty Troll and Journalism Hack, Philip Matthews) would have liked to see it:

In a parallel universe, David Cunliffe is the prime minister of New Zealand presiding over a Labour-NZ First minority government in a happy arrangement with the Green Party. Internet Mana, backed by…

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