ACPL Replies to LGOIMA on Lot 59, Manukau #AKLPols

ARGH Silo Thinking again

As part of my continued watch over Manukau City Centre and specifically Lot 59 (where the Manukau Transport Interchange is going) I sent Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act requests (LGOIMAs) to both Auckland Transport and Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL).

Auckland Transport have acknowledged their LGOIMA and are working the request at the moment (Release of Designs for the Manukau Interchange, or When They Will Be Released?).

ACPL have sent a formal reply back and this is what they had to say:

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
Re: Sale of Lot 59

I refer to your email, which we received on 9 July 2015, requesting information about the sale of Lot 59.
You asked for:

  1. The methodology to reach the conclusion of seeking the directive to sell the land at Lot 59 – Manukau City Centre given that the land sits on a Metropolitan Centre Zone in South Auckland
    1. As part of that question did ACPL conduct any alternative analysis through not seeking the directive at the Auckland Development Committee but rather keep the land and partner up with developers to develop the site (effectively become a landlord)
  2. If the land at Lot 59 is to be sold (disposed of) what is the likely time frame in doing so
  3. If the land is to be sold will ACPL (or your successor Development Auckland) continued to be involved in any partnership with any private developer that might subsequent developed the sold land at Lot 59
  4. If asked by Auckland Transport that AT needed more land at Lot 59 (which ACPL owns) to allow the delivery of an optimal Transport Interchange would ACPL gift or sell the extra land needed to Auckland Transport. If Not why not.

Regarding your first question I can advise that in May 2013 ACPL were actively engaged with Auckland Transport and other Council stakeholders in the creation of a master plan to deliver a transit orientated development on the land referred to as Lot 59 Manukau City Centre. ACPL were engaged on behalf of Auckland Council to provide commercial advice and ensure the full development potential of the site was realised through the inclusion of development platforms that could accommodate viable mixed use development in accordance with the Metropolitan Centre zoning under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

ACPL continue to work with Auckland Transport who are still working through the design phase of the proposed bus interchange.

It is a Council policy that before any land can be considered for disposal or development for commercial use that it is taken through a thorough internal clearance process which included in this instance presenting the master plan to the Development Committee, iwi and local board engagement, CCO review and Finance and Performance Committee approval.

The final method of disposal of the commercial development land by ACPL will only be determined as part of the negotiations whilst sourcing a development partner through an open market process.
To date, none of the questions raised by questions 2, 3, or 4 have been considered. We are therefore refusing these requests


To be fair Question Three was answered as part of Question One. But for the rest it is a case of ARGH!!! The argh being silo mentality and departments either not talking to each other or taking full consideration of all options and alternatives prior.

As far as I can see this entire issue needs to be kicked back to the Auckland Development Committee once and for all seeking a proper resolution on both getting things down and making sure all options and alternatives are considered. This bumbling around since May 2013 on Lot 59 is unacceptable to the Ratepayers of the South and the Councillors need to “remind” both Auckland Transport and Auckland Council Property Limited of their “obligations.”

I am considering whether to seek public speaking rights at the August Auckland Development Committee on this matter.