LGOIMA Back (Finally) On Manukau Interchange

If “disorganised” comes to mind (or synonyms of that word) you will not be the only one’s thinking that

Earlier this morning Auckland Transport released my Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request after some delays.

I have the final answer from Auckland Transport below. Needless to say what was provided was a bit of a shock:

I have no idea what is causing the delays (they refused to answer that bit) but as a result we have “interim” bus stops going in until the Interchange is complete (whenever that might be). Remembering Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL) (soon to be Development Auckland) own the land the Interchange is meant to be on and could be causing issues in getting the interchange going (ACPL Replies to LGOIMA on Lot 59, Manukau #AKLPols)

While where the interim stops are going were meant to be where the actual bus stops were going in the original plans (pre 2013 and when the New South Auckland Network was proposed in 2013) the continued delays around the Interchange while Otahuhu gets their’s under way is becoming a bit of a joke.

I have asked for speaking rights to the Auckland Development Committee to raise my concerns about this. I will let you know if they are granted or not.

More on this as updates continue to roll through