(Centre Right) Mayoral Candidate Has Come Forward #Auckland2016

Orakei Local Board Member Mark Thomas throws hat into ring


And away we go with Orakei Local Board member and Centre-Right Mark Thomas officially throwing his hat into the #Auckland2016 Mayoral ring this morning.


Here is the YouTube video of Mark introducing himself to the potential voters:

Mark has being doing a tour of Auckland recently sussing out the Auckland political landscape before his announcement this morning. I have met Mark (while many times prior) on his tour and gave him my thoughts on the need of the South – my home and where the blog focuses on.


My initial take on the video above is one of Mark while introducing himself it is a video designed to resonate at this point in time with the Conservative voter likely to be seen on the Isthmus and North Shore. Mark knows to get the Chains you need to win the South and the West but if he (in this case) can not get his core base to back him first then no point even coming to Southern Auckland to campaign (word of advice there to Centre Right candidates).

I do note endorse any candidate running for Mayor, not even Deputy Mayor Hulse if she decided to run as much as I support her as current Deputy Mayor. But Talking Southern Auckland is running commentary on #Auckland2016 and you manage to land yourself in here as a candidate well you certainly got my attention.


On #Auckland2016 I see Phil Goff is going to announce he is running as well by Christmas.