Is Job Sprawl “The Defining Issue of Our Time”?

In Auckland this situation is being looking at by the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel.
Auckland Council policy is what is called the Centres Plus policy where the bulk of commercial growth is contained to the City Centre, 10 Metropolitan Centres, the larger of the Town Centres and the Mixed Use Zone.

That said there are what we call Identified Growth Corridors where commercial can establish along a transport corridor often a road (rail would be more radial around a station).

The best example of a Identified Growth Corridor is both Lunn Avenue in Mt Wellington and Lincoln Road in West Auckland.

Lincoln Road is not the best example of how IGC should work and would exemplify what the original article is blogging on about.

As Auckland also grows Council must decide what to do with Greenfield developments that will also attract commercial growth. Westgate Metropolitan Centre would be a current example what not to do while Manukau in 1976 would have been (and blogged earlier this week on).

Local Centres would be ideal for new Greenfield suburbs that would allow the existing 10 Metropolitan Centres to then take the brunt of any intense commercial growth. Unless you do want job sprawl.

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A few weeks ago, this tweet of mine got a decent amount of attention and inspired a good conversation:

It’s an issue of interest for me for several reasons. First, I spent my summer working on a to-be-released report for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign about people who reverse-commute from New York City to the suburbs. Secondly, as someone who’s lived in several smaller cities, I’m quite conscious of the ways smaller cities struggle to employ their own residents–in other words, job sprawl tends to be worse (and therefore a bigger policy challenge) in smaller cities than larger ones. Finally, my partner is a reverse commuter, from downtown Albany out to near the airport, despite the availability of plenty of open office space and land in…

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