Finance and Performance Committee – November 2015. Assets Review Tabled #AKLPols

So how will the Committee handle the assets review


On Thursday the Council Finance and Performance Committee convenes in which they will be discussing the two reports back from the private sector on alternative financing including asset sales.


The Main Agenda


The Attachment containing the reports


Assets review

Suspicions in Auckland are already high behind the twin reports looking at Auckland Council’s assets and I certainly don’t blame people for those suspicions either given the historical background.

Mention shares in the airport and port and that gets people wound up as is. Go mention the parks, golf courses and community civic buildings and that is basically asking for a Councillor to have their head chewed off by a Ratepayer whether that ratepayer is for asset “down sizing” or maintaining status quo.


Given the Chief Operating Officer’s botched attempt at an asset review which sparked a full please explain then explanation soon afterwards I am wondering how the Councillors will take the situation given it often gets split down partisan lines. Also given land sales in our Metropolitan Centres is still highly controversial as well I am wondering if this asset review by the Committee is even worth it to even start.


I need not remind the Mayor, Councillors and any Mayoral candidate that any attempt to down-size Council assets especially the parks, port and airport shares is usually asking for yourself to be well sent packing from Southern and Western voters at the minimum. Mayor Brown has already defeated two previous candidates over the assets question and any reputable candidate continuing that same line is more than likely to galvanise the South and West behind them thus some good assistance securing the Mayoral Chains.


Depending how partisan the Councillors go on Thursday is will determine how the public reacts later on in the piece.

With such debate in the past being nothing short of partisan bickering with a minority of vocal Councillors forgive me if I see Thursday with suspicion.