Bad News on the Manukau South Link: Complexity Shelves the once Planed Link #AKLPols

Mayoral report back on Manukau South Link


In October I had asked the Mayoral Office about the hold up into the construction and operation of the Manukau South Link that would allow direct services from Pukekohe and Papakura to Manukau Station.

Today I got the official response back from the Mayor’s Office after Auckland Transport conducted a review on the feasibility of the South Link. In short without doing it in tandem with other rail projects in the area (which should be done any how) the layout of Wiri is too complex to have the South Link built.


Here is the letter from the Mayor’s Office which included Auckland Transport’s review:


Now the requirements on page three needed for the South Link are all things we need to do any how to get the rail network at maximum functionality and efficiency. Councillor Calum Penrose has mooted that the Port of Auckland Wiri Inland Port needs to be moved to Drury South where the fifth heavy industrial complex is to be located. Also the Third Main needs to also be done as does purchasing more trains given Pukekohe Electrification AND the City Rail Link all within the next ten years.


So for now the South Link that was meant to be built (but wasn’t due to politics in the former Manukau City Council) is to be shelved. But that does not mean it won’t be built.

What it does mean as far as I see it is to review the Link when the Auckland Plan gets reviewed (and most likely rewritten) in 2017. From there new motions can get going in regards to the Inland Port location, the Third Main, the City Rail Link completion and those extra EMU’s that will allow the eventual construction of the South Link.



3 thoughts on “Bad News on the Manukau South Link: Complexity Shelves the once Planed Link #AKLPols

  1. Thats a shame but at least it will still go ahead some time in the future.

    On another note, will the Mayor’s office investigate and reply to any request? I emailed AT, through their website’s Contact Us form, about reviewing the bus lane times along MT Eden road and I haven’t had a response yet (it’s been about 2 weeks). I am wandering if contact the Mayor’s office more likely to get a better response?

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