Redoubt-Mill Road Corridor Approved #AKLPols

Commissioners approve corridor for de-facto expressway


From Auckland Transport:

Redoubt-Mill Road upgrade

23/02/2016 04:22 p.m.

Auckland Transport has received a recommendation from independent planning commissioners that gives the green light for the Redoubt-Mill Road upgrade to go ahead.

The commissioners, who heard AT’s planning application, have recommended that the designation for the land be confirmed, subject to conditions that address issues raised by submitters.

The commissioners say they concluded that upgrading the Redoubt-Mill Road corridor is necessary to relieve existing and forecast congestion, accommodate planned growth, provide for alternative modes of transport, improve traffic safety and improve network efficiency.

They also found that the effects of the project can be appropriately avoided, remedied or mitigated.

Auckland Transport Roading Group Manager Andrew Scoggins says the recommendation and related conditions would now be considered before a decision is made to confirm, amend or withdraw the notices.

The commissioners’ recommendation follows a public hearing in September last year, during which 286 submissions were considered and a number of submitters presented further evidence.

Mr Scoggins says when a decision is made, all affected landowners and submitters will be informed of the result. Submitters will have 15 working days to appeal the decision to the Environment Court.




So the designation has been confirmed (although subject to appeals in the Environment Court) although the designs have not yet.

A shame really in terms with the designation however, work can still be done to convince Auckland Transport that a 4-lane expressway with high-speed multi lane roundabouts outside a school is not necessary (to the point of down right dangerous).

Character area 5: North of Ranfurly Road to Alfriston School
Mill Road – North of Ranfurly Road to Alfriston School Source: Auckland Transport


Will have to see whether an appeal is made to the Environment Court over the next 15 days.

How I would have liked to see Mill Road developed:



2 thoughts on “Redoubt-Mill Road Corridor Approved #AKLPols

  1. My house overlooks the road (Dominion) that stands a 50/50 chance of being the other end of this project in about 10 years. There is a lot between here and there that would need to be levelled to build this road through to Drury and if Manukau Heights isn’t safe, lowly Red Hill can expect carnage. The new Twin Parks estates being built right now have a fresh road designation that is likely to be used to join Mill Rd to Dominion Rd for this expressway, but it’s only 8.8m wide. New home buyers there should be thoroughly concerned that the properties they haven’t even built on yet are already being eyed up for compulsory acquisition.

  2. However it turns out I fear that traffic will transition from the corridor into what? A 2 lane country road that’s already congested? Queues already back to Redoubt Rd. Should have started at Drury end 1st!

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