2018-2028 Long Term Plan Results and Analysis Out. Good Support to Go Foward!

Good news especially on the back of the ATAP


And on the back of the ATAP coming out yesterday (see: #ATAP Is A Go and South Auckland Picks Up Major Wins with the Government and Council Announcement) we get the results of the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan submissions done earlier this year.


From the Office of the Mayor Phil Goff:

Record number of Aucklanders back better transport, cleaner water and environmental protection

  • Majority support for increased investment to address longstanding issues
  • Fuel tax, environment and water targeted rate supported
  • Record 30,000 responses to 10-year Budget consultation

Aucklanders support increased investment in transport, environment and water quality, according to the results of feedback to Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget consultation and an independent Colmar Brunton survey released today.

More than 32,000 pieces of feedback were received, including 26,556 written submissions, to the March consultation, making it the biggest response to a budget consultation in Auckland’s history.

The Colmar Brunton survey was conducted independently to achieve a representative outcome from a cross section of Aucklanders, and showed 52 per cent in support of a Regional Fuel Tax, while consultation responses show 46 per cent in favour.

Final figures for written submissions reflect influence by mass submitted standardised replies by lobby groups late in the consultation period. Leaving these aside, submissions to the 10-year Budget reflected similar patterns of support for investing in transport, the environment and improving water quality shown in the Colmar Brunton representative survey.

Both the survey and consultation showed support for new targeted rates to improve water quality at Auckland’s beaches and protect Kauri and other native species:

  • 60 per cent support for a targeted rate to improve water quality (Colmar Brunton) with 61 per cent support in the consultation
  • 66 per cent support in the Colmar Brunton survey for a targeted rate of either $21 or $47 per year to increase protection for Kauri and other native species with 51 per cent support for one of the two options in the consultation.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said, “Generally, no one wants to pay more for any service. However, these results show Aucklanders understand that we need to pay more to fix the things that really matter in our city.

“Aucklanders have seen the consequences of decades of underinvestment in transport, water infrastructure and our environment. This council wants to take these issues out of the too hard basket and take responsibility for addressing them.

“Auckanders have backed us to increase investment and deliver a better transport network, cleaner water and to protect our native species.

“Fixing transport in Auckland is a priority and the regional fuel tax will enable more than $4 billion of investment in critical transport infrastructure. Without it we would be able to do little more than fund the operation and renewal of the existing transport system and projects which have already been committed to.

“A targeted rate on water and the environment together would come to about $1.70 a week for the average residential household and allow us to clean up our streams and beaches, protect our Kauri, our forests and native bird life.

“The regional fuel tax and targeted rates are transparent so Aucklanders know where that money is going and what it’s paying for,” Phil Goff said.

10-year Budget consultation and Colmar Brunton reports are attached.

Decisions on the final 10-year Budget will take place in May and June this year.



The Fuel Tax one ended on a 46% for, 48% against and 6% other.


The LTP analysis (Also includes on the Auckland Plan as well):


The Colmar Brunton report:


2018 2028 LTP Colmar Brunton full report 10YB

2018 2028 LTP CEI 10 Year Budget Auckland Plan update_Final


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