Urban Geographer seeking work: A request to my fellow readers and connections today please

Reaching Out to Connections and/Friends Who Might Be or Know Someone Who is Looking for an Urban Geographer

As an Urban Geographer and researcher, I enjoy researching, implementing the applications and storytelling on the following themes:

  • Urban Regeneration (urban design, spatial planning)
  • Mixed Land Use vs transport research and applications as mentioned in the Government Policy Statement 2018
  • Macro-level Spatial Planning and their relationships between physical structures and human elements (as defined in the Local Government (Auckland) Act 2009)
  • The role of urban simulators and communication as tools, storytelling and modelling methods in spatial planning and urban design.
  • Sound knowledge of the Resource Management Act, the Local Government Acts 2002 and 2009, and keeping up to date on the incoming Housing and Urban Development Authorities from Central Government.

All which impact the planning of housing, the delivery of housing and the communities built as a result of said housing especially in Auckland (where I reside) and its Satellites (Hamilton and Tauranga).

I then turn these themes into: advocacy points, submissions, presentations, policy development and social media “story points” for consumption by public authorities, the private sector, media and fellow advocate/researchers. Previous works include: advocacy and submissions to the Auckland, Unitary and Long Term Plans, ongoing communications, submissions and storytelling with the Panuku Our Manukau Program and even the odd guest piece to media outlets including the New Zealand Herald: #ProjectAuckland: How Does South Auckland Score? Also Homage to The Southern Initiative!  

As an Urban Geographer I would bring my niche Urban Geographic analysis, gathering evidence to support my thought processes, evaluation and communication skill-sets to the Infrastructure New Zealand team that would form complete pictures that can then be communicated to their partners and the wider public.

I am a member of Toastmasters (at Manukau City Baptist Church) with the goal to build and refine public speaking and presentation, leadership and project management skill-sets.

I am available for an interview. More information including current and past work/projects can be viewed at my LinkedIn profile; otherwise I am happy to provide more information on request.

I can be reached by Ben.R001@gmail.com or if need be the comments below

Many thanks all.

Ben Ross
Talking Southern Auckland

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