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Looking for an Urban Geographer?

Hello. I am available for work (full-time or contract) as an Urban Geographer who undertakes advocacy or public policy analytical work in urban/transport planning and how cities work at the human level. I am a confident communicator and analyst who is not afraid to go outside the square especially looking in solutions going forward.


My resume can be read in PDF format here: Benjamin Ross. For more including works published (e.g submissions) and projects you can check my LinkedIn Profile.

My contact details are both in my resume and LinkedIn profile otherwise you can reach me at Ben[dot]R001[at]gmail.com


An example of myself giving a presentation to the Auckland Council Planning Committee on March 7, 2017 on the growth pressures facing Southern Auckland

also do public speaking events in the Auckland region on Urban Geography matters as well. Check out my LinkedIn profile above on subjects and projects presented in the past and feel free to contact me for more information.

Speaking at Council
Speaking at Council