Port of Auckland and the POAL Relocation Project

This is an index of the Port of Auckland Debate and Relocation Work for easier references

Port of Auckland

Covering Port of Auckland Issues and Debates
[Scroll down for POAL Relocation Work


We have Already LOST? – The Port of Auckland Debate

Ok where Next with POAL

A Reply to my Letter about POAL

Why The 12% on Port of Auckland

Auckland Architecture Association on Port of Auckland

NBR Calls for Container Terminal at POAL to Move

Metro Magazine on Port of Auckland

Whale Oil Blogs on POAL Productivity

Auckland Council | Ports of Auckland – business

Port of Auckland Workers Striking Again – this time for a month

Your Port – Your Call produces graphic on POAL expansion

Mainfreight Boss Comments on POAL Expansion Program

Councillors having a moment?

A Letter to Auckland Council concerning POAL

Final in POAL Mini Series

Part Three into Mini Series looking into location options for Port of Auckland

A Collective Movement from Both Sides

A Moment from the Right

A Moment from the Left

Should of the Mayor and Auckland Council “Opened their Mouths?” – I say YES, but NZ Herald Journalist does not think so

Is Auckland Council to Blame for Port of Auckland labour strife? Well is it?

Part Two into the Mini Series looking into location options for Port of Auckland

A Fact Information Sheet from the Unions

Comment from the Mayor on POAL Saga

First of a Mini Series looking into Location Options for Port of Auckland

A poll on what option with POAL on either leaving as is or relocation

Ownership Ratio for the Port of Auckland with a poll

Shout out to Whale Oil for providing the numbers and material the Main Stream Media often misses

Auckland Misses the Boat: A commentary on Ownership and reinvestment that is now buggered

Napier Wins, Auckland Loses – a WO commentary on MUNZ stuffing it up

An Invitation for Discussion on The Port of Auckland Saga

The Port of Auckland, The Draft Auckland Plan, The Long Term Draft Plan and YOU – a commentary on the Port, Auckland and the effects on you

Winners and Loses in the Port of Auckland Saga

Fonterra Pulling out of the Port of Auckland

Port of Auckland and The Draft Auckland (Spatial) Plan





Port of Auckland Relocation Project

Covering my Port of Auckland Relocation Work
(This after the Mini Series on POAL Location Options – basically this subsection is looking at Mock-Ups of Relocating POAL to South East Auckland)

Draft Working Drawing on POAL Relocation

Port of Auckland Relocation Work Ctd

Port of Auckland Renderings – #1

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