Month: February 2015

Council to Review Smokefree Policies

Review brought forward


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Council to start Smokefree Review

A recommendation to bring forward Auckland’s Smokefree Policy review was well received by councillors at today’s Governing Body meeting and the review will start in the coming months.

The recommendation was made due to large public interest in the outdoor dining aspect of the Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw which was adopted by the committee today. Although smokefree dining is not a regulation of the bylaw, more than 1,300 submissions were received from the Cancer Society, Auckland Regional Public Health Service and individuals on the subject and the council has listened to their concerns.

Councillor Krum, Chair of the Hearings Panel on the bylaw, says “The panel felt keenly the passion of the submitters on this topic and the need to expedite the review of the Smokefree policy. We wish to consider the wider areas the policy should cover such as town squares, beaches and so on and – once the review of the Smokefree policy is complete – we will be giving Aucklanders the opportunity to give their feedback on smokefree public places.”

Auckland Council currently has one of the most comprehensive Smokefree policies in the nation in terms of public places and is in the process of expanding this.

Phase one, which included playgounds and transport centres, was adopted in 2013 and we are in Phase two of the policy which will make shared spaces and plazas smoke-free. Signage for these areas and the beginning of an awareness campaign will commence mid-year.

The purpose of the Smokefree Policy Review is to determine if a smoke-free bylaw is necessary for public places, including outdoor dining areas.

Auckland Council will start the policy review in the second half of 2015 and public consultation needs to be undertaken to understand the region’s views on a smoke-free bylaw.



BREAKING NEWS: Pasifika to be Held at Manukau

Pasifika Event to be held at Hayman Park – Manukau


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Pasifika festival to move

6pm – 25/02/2015

It’s been confirmed one of Auckland’s biggest festivals will be moved this year, because of the city’s fruit fly infestation.

The Pasifika festival, which attracts more then 80,000 people, will now be held at Hayman Park in Manukau, on the same dates as originally planned, next month.

Hayman park was chosen for its proximity to a train station, bus hub, and car parking.

So far, five Queensland fruit flies have been found in the Grey Lynn area.

The festival has been held at the park for most of its 23 year history: organising Auckland Council events company ATEED is now considering a number of other venues outside the fruit-fly control zone, and checking their availability and suitability.

Yesterday, the Ministry for Primary Industries announced the discovery of a fifth male fly in a trap within 200 metres of the Grey Lynn property, but said that the find was not a significant development, as it expected to find more flies near the property.

About 120 field staff have been sent out to apply insecticide bait throughout the area and look for any other flies trapped in the ministry’s surveillance trapping system.




I have asked Auckland Council and Auckland Transport for transport logistics to the new site in Manukau.

That Manukau Rail South Link would have been real good now Auckland Transport………