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While IAP2’s post would be aimed at Public Authorities and maybe businesses on the forefront of social engagement, the five points are also relevant to blogs covering such issues like Talking Auckland does.

As we head into 2015 and a very busy year for Auckland (and myself) Point #2 is something most relevant for the blog:

“Topic-specific interests trump demographics. PR and marketing pros know there is no such thing as a “general public.” When you use a spray-and-pray campaign approach, not only will you not effectively evaluate your efforts, but you might end up wasting a lot of money delivering your message to people who couldn’t care less about what you’re saying. Many brand managers have sent out targeted messages on social media, only to see interest from audiences never even considered in the planning process. This doesn’t mean there’s a “general public.” Social media is just highlighting the importance of finding those who care about your message. Identifying demographics is a start, but once you find those people who are really interested in your product, service, or cause, your message will go much further.”

This is really applicable as the blog has reached a critical mass in sharing information with that sharing happening multiple times over above normal organic reach (meaning using Twitter the number of Retweets on top of Retweets that expands the reach). So in short making sure the information is relevant to those interested and might share it to their circles and beyond. Especially if I want to “assist” in getting greater participation in our civic institution.

So while on holiday and the blog in Summer Series mode, reviews and plans to continue to enhance Talking Auckland are under way



Source: PR Daily

Five things to look for when collecting and deciphering social media analytics:

1.      Let your audience guide you to new places. Studying a social media platform’s analytics not only can let you know whether you’re on the right path with ongoing branding and engagement efforts, but also can determine the direction of your future efforts.

2.      Topic-specific interests trump demographics. PR and marketing pros know there is no such thing as a “general public.” When you use a spray-and-pray campaign approach, not only will you not effectively evaluate your efforts, but you might end up wasting a lot of money delivering your message to people who couldn’t care less about what you’re saying. Many brand managers have sent out targeted messages on social media, only to see interest from audiences never even considered in the…

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The sky city bailout: it is common for private sector mega-projects to fail

Well this is timely given the Sky City blow out dogging the Government. My message is still the same, flip the bird to Sky City and walk away Steven Joyce (and Auckland Council as well in regards to operation subsidies).

Never before has Left, Centre, Right, Liberal, Conservative and Libertarian been so united against Sky City in this instance. Well done Sky City for that dubious and rare feat.

Now I see the average cost of blow outs backed up by some good evidence is mentioned. So I link this old but goodie:

Those Fallacy posts for the CRL served as a warning so we can avoid such blow outs like the disaster of the motorway tunnel construction in Seattle.

I note the average rail cost blow out was 44.7% with ranges between 0-100%. This would put it close to my 1.5x or 50% blow out potential.

However, before someone complains about rail I point out that the Sydney Toll Roads have gone bust twice, the Brisbane Airport Toll Road once, and a few in America going bust….

Utopia - you are standing in it!

SkyCity is sniffing around the New Zealand government for a $130 million bailout. The initial project estimate was $402 million for a convention centre and enlarged casino.

SkyCity was very clear when the convention centre deal was announced that it would be at no cost to either taxpayers or Auckland ratepayers.

The literature on mega-projects suggests that large engineering projects frequently fail to achieve their intended financial and operating objectives. Nine out of ten mega-projects have cost-over runs:

  1. Miller and Lessard (2000) studied 60 large engineering projects with an average size of $1 billion. Almost 40% of the projects performed very badly and were abandoned totally or restructured after a financial crisis.
  2. Merrow et al. (1988) found that four of the 47 megaprojects they studied came in on budget – the average cost overrun was 88%. Of the 36 projects that had sufficient data, 26 failed to achieve…

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Science never claimed to know everything

Well that is good to know

Might want to tell Climate Change advocates that seeming they say the science is settled (like fundamentalists do with religion).

Nothing in science is ever settled and science does not know all. Hence why we keep endeavouring on with science; to learn, critique and expand our horizons as NOTHING is settled

Open Parachute

I have posted this before – but it bears repeating after all the nonsense I have been exposed to this year.

Dara O’Briain: Science doesn’t know everything – YouTube.

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The beginning of the end for Mike Sabin?

Well as soon as I throw the blog in Summer mode it goes to poodoo for Central Government….

This, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, and Sky City are giving the Government grief at the moment.

While one does not affect Auckland per say compared to the other two it shows our Central Government is going to need a heck of a prod.

Auckland is already facing three years of a Mayor not being at full strength, we certainly do not need a Central Government not firing on all cylinders either. Not now not ever

Occasionally Erudite Publications

The Sunday Star Times and NZ Herald have been carrying stories about allegations that National MP Mike Sabin is being investigated for assault. At present, the stories carry no detail, making it impossible to tell whether the complaints are historic or whether it’s a family violence complaint.

Nonetheless, in politics, nothing is secret. According to Cameron Slater, the allegations have been doing the rounds for about a month. He describes the allegations as “almost too horrible for words” and predicts a by-election in Sabin’s Northland electorate. (Of course, any allegation made by Slater should perhaps come with questions regarding veracity and whether he’s being paid to assassinate Sabin’s character. If Sabin does end up resigning, it might pay to look closely at whichever candidate Slater lends his support to…)

In the SST and over at TheStandard, questions are being asked about when John Key knew about the allegations. The…

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What To Do This Summer

What is on in Auckland over Summer


Looking for something to do?

From Auckland Council:

Even more free music and movies in parks this summer


Roll out the picnic blanket and enjoy some fantastic free entertainment in the great Kiwi outdoors this summer with Auckland Council’s popular Music and Movies in Parks’ 2015 events.

The lineup features 30 musical acts and 22 movies played in parks across Auckland, from Saturday 10 January until Sunday 28 March, 2015.

Councillor Alf Filipaina, Arts, Culture and Events Committee Chair, says the events are a great opportunity to enjoy a variety of music and movies in some of Auckland’s fantastic outdoor places.

“There is something for everyone to enjoy. People can choose from a variety of music – pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz or whatever takes their fancy. They can also enjoy a blockbuster movie under the stars with friends, family and whanau,” he says.

“We have even more movies and musical acts than in previous years. As the events have been so popular we wanted to offer even more choice; I hope everyone comes along to these free events again this summer.”

There is something for every music fan, with a diverse list of popular local acts such as Tahuna Breaks, Young Sid aka Sydney Diamond, singer-songwriter Jamie McDell, rhythm and blues guitarist Midge Marsden and rock band DevilSkin.

Movie buffs can look forward to free outdoor screenings of family-friendly blockbusters including Maleficent, Frozen, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Fault in Our Stars and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and homegrown hits like The Pa Boys.

Music and Movies in Parks 2015 would like to thank Auckland Council local boards for their support, and its family of sponsors, including Mediaworks, Cadbury Dairy Milk and NZ Home Loans.

A full listing of events and further information can be found at:

Movies in Parks

Music in Parks



Enjoy the Summer break everyone 😀