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The Labour leadership meltdown continues

Democracy best works when we can contest ideas freely across the realm. How can we with the main opposition in such disarray. Come on Labour get it together for democracy’s sake if nothing else

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Over the weekend, I road tripped it down to Wellington, where I had a beer with a pollster, briefly checked on what announcement Cunliffe had made mid-Saturday afternoon, and then proceeded to ignore politics. Fine wine and convivial company was far superior… But of course, although one can ignore politics, politics has a habit of keeping on happening.

So Cunliffe resigned. Or he announced that he will resign at the next caucus meeting, which is tomorrow. Although he still wants the job. He’s triggered a leadership ballot, hoping to avoid the death by a thousand cuts of waiting for his colleagues to destroy him, leak by insidious leak.

Unfortunately, there’s no timeframe yet on when the leadership ballot will occur. Will the party wait for its campaign review to be completed before the ballot? Cunliffe will be hoping not – it’s what he resigned in order to avoid. His opponents want a…

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An Anti-Feminist Walks Into a Bar: A Play in Five Acts

Some humour – in five acts.
Made me smile as well as chuckle quietly







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Local Boards Now Have Power to Oppose Liquor Licence Applications

Contentious debate but the amendment passed


And so after a contentious debate today at the Governing Body, Councillor Cathy Casey’s amendment with even support of Councillor Cameron Brewer passed which allows Local Boards to directly object to Liquor Licence applications.

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Boards get say in liquor outlets

JAMES IRELAND Last updated 15:38 25/09/2014

Auckland’s local boards now have the power to oppose liquor licence applications.

At this morning’s Governing Body meeting, councillor Cathy Casey put forward the amendment which passed after an hour long debate.

Councillors Bill Cashmore, Penny Webster, George Wood and Penny Hulse voted against the amendment.

Council’s relationship manager Rex Hewitt said giving local boards the voice to oppose licences has the potential to cause problems.

“DLCs are committees of the council. Allocating or delegating local boards the power to object with subsequent appeal rights, creates a situation where two governance arms of Auckland Council could be opposing each other.”

His recommendation was for local boards to not be given this power.

Local board members can be appointed to the licencing committee but they cannot make decisions that affect their own area.

Casey’s amendment wiped out the original vote which would have allowed local boards to provide reports to District Licencing Committees on license applications.

Councillor Cameron Brewer said it is not necessarily a bad thing if two arms of council disagree.

“If the DLCs and the local board are going hammer and tongs over an application that’s highly contentious then I think that’s healthy. If the local boards think it’s so important that they’re going to go through an appeal process then I think that’s important.”


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This post will be updates when the resolutions and vote numbers come out so stand by for the update on that one.


So that is how the votes fell and Liquor Licence application “control” just went down to the Local Board away from a more regional auspices.

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