Month: October 2019

Seven Principles to Build Better Cities!

For those down the back In short: MIXED USE!!! I am also running a continuing series over at using an urban simulator to further communicate better city building principals (limitations … Continue reading Seven Principles to Build Better Cities!

BE AFRAID: First #CitiesSkylines Recorded Stream with Commentary

I will be running hopefully weekly commentary on my Cities Skylines creations, the urban geography methodology behind them and also some general idle talk on all things urbanism.

Ben's Cities

First commentated video on my Cities Skylines creations

Four years after the game came out I finally recorded and commentated one of my Cities Skylines creations.

I have two cities in play at the moment; Manukau, and Grand Manukau/Layton Cities. Today’s recording was of Manukau as it is the larger and older city at 155,000 however, Grand Manukau/Layton Cities (5,500) will be recorded as well as every city I have different game plays (apart from my core rule of Urban Islands and Twin Cores).

This two part recording is a test and a few more tests will be done before I settle into recording style. Note: I will not be live streaming on YouTube or Twitch as of yet.

First Commentary Stream of Cities Skylines – Manukau

Part 2 (I am restricted to 10 minute streams which is not a bad thing as it keeps me on the short and…

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