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Council Postpones Indoor Fire Decision

Trying to work more stuff out with Government


Well some could say this was coming.

From Auckland Council

Auckland Council postpones indoor fire decision


Auckland Council’s Governing Body today made a decision to postpone the passing of the Air Quality Bylaw. The proposed bylaw aims to manage indoor fires to reduce air pollution and meet National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (AQNES).

Councillors agreed that further discussion was needed with the government to meet their legislative requirement and garner support for the large number of Aucklanders this bylaw will affect.

Councillor Calum Penrose, Chair Regulatory and Bylaws Committee says, “We have over 80,000 households in Auckland that currently use open fires and old wood burners. We would like the government to work with us in providing people with clean heat alternatives and support the  more vulnerable in our community whose only form of heating is open fires.”

Cr Penrose recognised that the proposed bylaw needs to be put through to meet the AQNES and also for the overall health of the wider Auckland community – 110 people dying a year from illnesses due to fine particle emissions from indoor fires is another vital reason to rectify this problem.

The proposed Air Quality Bylaw will go back to the Regulatory and Bylaws Committee in February 2015 with further clarification on support for alternative heating options. The overall timeframe of an indoor fire ban in late 2018 is not expected to change.



And I bet all the Government will do for “support” on alternative heating options is garner the big stick rather than rebates and subsidies. So might as well get the Bylaw through and be done with it. We have until 2018.

My last piece of commentary on it was here: Fire Places – Heated? Actually No


Fireworks Restrictions

A No-No in Public Places


As the annual Guy Fawks event draws nearer (as does Rebekka’s Birthday of which both are on the same day) the Council sends a reminder to people about where you can let off fireworks.

From Auckland Council

Big bang ban in public places this Guy Fawkes


Aucklanders wanting to celebrate Guy Fawkes are urged to find a public display or keep to their backyards – and not let off fireworks in public places, where the activity is banned.

The ban came into force in May this year and is aimed at protecting people, animals and property from the risks of fireworks.

While fireworks were banned in some parts of the region, they are now banned year-round in public places across the whole of Auckland.

Cr Cathy Casey, chair of Auckland Council’s Community Development and Safety Committee, says that the ban allows people and their pets to enjoy public places such as beaches and parks without the nuisance and risk of injury from uncontrolled use of fireworks.

“The ban also protects vegetation and property from fireworks damage, which unfortunately can be a regular occurrence around Guy Fawkes night.”

Cr Casey says that public firework displays around Auckland will allow people to enjoy fireworks safely.

“Public fireworks displays are a great way to enjoy fireworks with your community and the health and safety risks are well managed.”


Public fireworks displays this year include the following (entry fees apply):

  • 31 October – Clevedon Fireworks, Clevedon Showgrounds
  • 14 November – Papakura Fireworks, Massey Park.


Gates at the following volcanic cones will close at the earlier time of 6pm from Sunday 2 November to Sunday 9 November (inclusive) to reduce congestion and the risk to people as they walk to the summits to view firework displays:

  • Takarunga – Mt Victoria
  • Maungawhau – Mt Eden
  • Mt Albert
  • Mt Roskill
  • Maungakiekie – One Tree Hill Domain
  • Maungarei – Mt Wellington.


Regulations on fireworks in public places can be found in Part Two of the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013, which came into force on 26 May 2014. The regulations state that:

  • A person must not set off fireworks, flares or any other explosive material:
    • In a public place, except with the prior written approval of the council or a council  controlled organisation; and
    • In any other place, in a way that does or is likely to create a nuisance or endanger any person, property, dog or other animal in a public place.



Just remember to be safe out there unless we you really want to be the one that triggers a nation-wide ban on private use of fireworks….


Fire Place Restrictions Kicked Into Touch

Now moved to February


The new Bylaw to place restrictions and bans on pre 2005 wood burners in Auckland homes has been kicked into touch – February 2015 looking at Twitter and MSM reports.

Council is due to release more details later on today.

No matter the delays however, the City is still faced with the inevitable. We either get the Bylaw in ourselves under our own steam or have it done for us by the Ministry for the Environment.


More as it happens


A Case of Green Corruption?

Something a little bit different as Auckland grinds its way through Rates and Transport.
No matter which Party an MP is on I do not take highly to snouts in troughs. So I hope the Greens clean this up in earnest as they do not need this distraction while the spot light is firmly on them over Auckland’s transport situation!!!

Slightly Left of Centre

A couple of days ago, I looked into the travel and accommodation expenditure of Green MP Steffan Browning.

I revealed what was already public information for the few who can be bothered looking into it in detail; that Mr Browning has spent $166,369 of taxpayers money on travel and accommodation since October 2012. I have asked Steffan Browning for comment, I have asked Russell Norman for comment, and I have asked Feed the Kids Bill sponsor Metiria Turei for comment. None have deigned to reply. are they simply aloof, or are the hiding something?

The reason I revealed this information is not because of the amount of money he has spent. While it is, in my opinion, a clear example of an MP with his snout in the trough of public funds, the issue I have is the lack of any sort notable of achievement that has resulted from Mr…

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