The Rules





As this is an open blog where I welcome debate and comment, I have a few simple rules to keep the blog:

  • sane
  • respectful
  • readable
  • enjoyful for everyone
Please follow these simple guidelines when posting (the ban hammer falls otherwise)
  1. No Spam please
  2. Mind the language
  3. Debate the point, not attack the person
  4. Please do not go round and round and round with argument. If you want to go that extra mile, reference and link in some academic information and use that as “the weight of your argument”
  5. Respect others opinions please (flaming equals ban hammer straight away)
  6. Keep the shameless advertising of your own material to a minimum please. If you wish contact me (the admin) and I might grant you a guest post spot
  7. My word is Final. No if’s, buts or maybes.
Enjoy your time here folks