Month: September 2016

Licence Please: Driving in #CitiesSkylines

Trying the driving mod around the City for the first time was like WOAH (had to turn the sensitivity down).

However, given I did the first drive around in evening rush-hour followed by a standard week night it gave some very fascinating insights to the movement of people and freight.

Congestion in the rush hour was mostly contained to some of the bigger intersections. But the night activity was more of a surprise with the City rather alive. You can’t say Layton City is not a 24/7 city – with a 24/7 transit system.


Also FLOODING   In the last post the walk-through photos showed rain had started falling. Well by the time of this post “Flood Warnings” were issued for the first time by Chirper f…

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The Way-less Travel in #CitiesSkylines

One thing you won’t find in Layton City is end to end congestion. Checking the congestion maps regularly most of the roads are in condition green with only a few spots near major interchanges “congested.”

Even at night time in the leisure and tourist districts the roads are pretty smooth running apart from the Casino/Expo Centre sector which has trams, taxis and service vehicles all servicing the area.

Actually and rather surprisingly Layton City really hums at night even on a week night unlike Auckland which seems to go entirely dead…



Placing the final road link   Wet weather means Cities Skylines time and some serious time at that. Yesterday I worked on two major projects for Layton City as it continues to grow. First was …

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