Month: July 2016

Beech District, Opening the Metro Rail System #CitiesSkylines

While we wait for the Unitary Plan to come out tomorrow at lunch time I take a brief return to another City undergoing rapid expansion as Auckland is.

Layton City in Cities Skylines had its heavy rail metro system opened over the weekend with a four station shuttle starting its services.

At the same time expansion continues to follow the main rail line towards the proposed City Centre and its transit hub.

Finally as the continued drive for an 8-80 City continues citywide cycleways open up and boy do the citizens and tourists love using them


All in Layton City as part of Cities Skylines


Beech District introduces heavy rail   Beech District while another expansion to the quilt-work that is the Layton City also marks a more historic occasion with the heavy rail metro network no…

Source: Beech District, Opening the Metro Rail System #CitiesSkylines