Month: November 2013

Coming Up – Results from the Presentation Today

Excellent Results from the Presentation and a Surprise as well   Today I gave the presentation on ‘Developing a 21st Century Auckland‘ to the Auckland Development Committee this morning. A … Continue reading Coming Up – Results from the Presentation Today

Auckland Development Committee Agenda

Agenda Out – and its a large one at that


The Auckland Development Committee (the final name for the Urban/Rural Development Committee) (successor to the Auckland Plan Committee) agenda is now out on the council website. However, at 47MB and at 367 pages long – not including my 100 page contribution (yet) I will embed the agenda below for your viewing pleasure (while not breaking your phone or tablet).


The Auckland Development Agenda – 28th November

As it is noted I am due to give a presentation in the beginning of the piece however the presentation and complementary booklet were not attached to the agenda. To be honest that does not bother me as I released a “revision” of complementary booklet after I sent the original files to Council.


You can view the presentation slides and the complementary book – which gives context to the wider presentation below:

The Developing a 21st Century Auckland Presentation Booklet


The Developing 21st Century Auckland (main) Presentation slides


Manukau Concept Drawings & 3D Sketch-Up Mock Ups

The material is all free to download as you wish, just please respect any Copyright’s or Creative Commons Licences that are attached (if  applicable)


9:30am, 28th November – Level 2 Reception Lounge, Town Hall, Auckland