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Internet Down, Blogging Restricted

The reliance on the Digital Age is apparent when you lose your main internet connection for 6 days due to both Telecom and Vodafone being as useless as tits on a bull. 6 days to restore my internet to the desktop which hinders not only the blog but also TotaRim client interaction with contracts sitting in the pipeline.

Blog Posts limited while main internet is down. It means I can not effectively blog the Population Trends – Auckland Conversations piece from Wednesday Night. I do have the powerpoints from it though which is good news. Once full internet is back I will get the blog going again. In the meantime thanks to 2 Degrees and Samsung I am teethring the tablet to my phone and using it as a portable modem.

I Thank you for your patience in this duration


85th Blog in NZ


85th equal out of 275 New Zealand blogs (that have publicly available site-meters as BR:AKL does)


That kicks BR:AKL into the top 30% – a nice small quiet achievement that brought a 🙂 to my face this afternoon.


You can see the rankings at “Open Parachute’s January ’13 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking



Visit Rank Blog Visits/month Page Views/month
85b Ben Ross: Auckland 1585 2432


I think it might be time for a quiet beer and reflection as I continue to take BR:AKL forward 😀