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Fireworks Clarification

Council Clarifies on Fireworks


From Auckland Council

Clarifying use and sale of fireworks


Guy Fawkes has already started off with a bang and Auckland Council wishes to remind people of the dos and don’ts of buying and using fireworks.

Under government legislation, fireworks are available for only four days prior to Guy Fawkes, so sales will end this Wednesday evening, 5 November. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has strict retail requirements and retailers cannot sell to anyone under the age of 18. Additionally, Auckland Council does not permit fireworks sales in public places unless the seller holds a Street Trading licence.

There are rules in the Auckland region under the council’s Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw regarding the setting off of fireworks in public places. People are not allowed to light fireworks in public places unless they have written approval from the council.

Anyone setting off fireworks – whether at home or at a public display – should take extra care not to endanger people, pets or property around them and:

  • read instructions carefully
  • make sure that pets are indoors and out of harm’s way
  • think of your neighbours and don’t let fireworks off at unreasonable times, such as late at night.


If you wish to start up the BBQ or brazier, remember to use only dry, untreated wood so smoke is not a nuisance for neighbours.

Residents should contact council if they are concerned about the use of fireworks in public places or late night noise from fireworks. Council staff and Police are also patrolling beach/foreshore areas where there have been issues with the setting off of fireworks in previous years.


Further Information

  • For complaints regarding the sale of fireworks, contact the EPA during working hours:http://www.epa.govt.nz/hazardous-substances/pop_hs_topics/Pages/Fireworks—know-the-rules.aspx
  • For complaints regarding noise or the setting off of fireworks in public places, please contact Auckland Council at any time on 09 301 0101.
  • Complaints can be made directly to the Police where fireworks are being set off/thrown in a manner that is endangering people, as the Police have enforcement powers in relation to fireworks endangering people under the Summary Offences Act.



I also note the Parliament is considering a full ban on sale (and use) of private fireworks. Thus I have the following to say:

This is where self regulation against your fellow peers is important. If they are doing something illegal or dumb then KICK THEM IN THE ARSE. It is either that or a total ban next year. Choice is simple, ball is in our court

So then will we have fireworks next year.?