Something to Wrench a Cyclists’ Heart Out

Build Cycle Lane, then spend US$740,000 to rip it back out thanks to NIMBY’s


I caught this over at Streetblog USA earlier this morning in regards to what happens when NIMBY’s win. Pretty much a heart wrench to anyone who believes in a progressive city with progressive type infrastructure being built after near exhaustive studies were in support for the cycle lane.

An extract from Streetblog USA:

San Antonio to Tear Out the “Best Thing” City Has Done for Cycling

Score one for the NIMBY crowd in San Antonio.

City Council representatives have voted 10-1 to remove 2.3 miles of bike lanes on South Flores Street, which the local blog Bike San Antonio says is one of the few cases where the city put a bike lane “where one needs to be.” Council members apparently caved to nearby residents who claimed the bike lane caused traffic delays and complained about receiving insufficient notice of the changes.

The restriping of the two-way road, done during a resurfacing project, changed the configuration from four general traffic lanes to two, plus a center turn lane and bike lanes. City traffic studies found that the bike lanes caused no impediment to motor vehicle traffic, while crashes declined somewhat. But that apparently wasn’t good enough for the majority of council, including Rebecca Viagran, who represents most of the area with the bike lanes.

The San Antonio Express-News editorial board said the decision was shortsighted and disappointing:

What we’re looking at is a failure of leadership from council, particularly from Viagran.

Not only is it a monumental waste of money to appease a small group of overreactive residents, but it also flies in the face of stated city goals to improve bike infrastructure, the urban core and promote better health.

Source: http://usa.streetsblog.org/2014/06/09/san-antonio-to-tear-out-the-best-thing-city-has-done-for-cycling/

You can read the rest over at StreetBlog USA.


Not to worry we have similar issues with the Unitary Plan grinding its way through the next round (the Independent Hearings Panel) soon.