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Garden Splendour, Fruit Everywhere But Not a Tree to be seen in Auckland Parks

How to make fruit accessible to the population? As fruit picking season gets underway I am a rather interesting pickle of what to do with all my Japanese Plums, Peacherenes … Continue reading Garden Splendour, Fruit Everywhere But Not a Tree to be seen in Auckland Parks

Central Local Boards Want Equity With Central Sports Fields

They pay and we don’t, is that fair?

From the Central Local Boards:

Local boards unite in call to remove charges for central sports fields

Sports clubs in the former Auckland City Council area shouldn’t have to pay to use sports fields when clubs elsewhere in Auckland don’t, say the chairs of Orākei, Albert-Eden and Waitematā local boards.

The three board chairs asked Auckland Council’s Parks, Sports and Recreation Committee on Tuesday to remove charges for booking sports fields in central Auckland. The committee agreed to take a case to council’s Finance and Performance Committee.

“We are asking council to correct this inequity as soon as possible as this disparity has been in place for too long,” says Orākei Local Board Chair Desley Simpson, who led the delegation.

“It’s not fair that nearly five years on from the formation of Auckland Council, sports clubs in one area should pay to use sports fields, where clubs in other areas enjoy free use. We look forward to a positive resolution for our clubs and their members.”

“Sport and recreation should be as accessible as possible for all Aucklanders, no matter where they live. One of council’s priorities is promoting individual and community well-being through recreation and sport. The current charging policy disadvantages sports clubs in the areas we represent,” says Waitematā Local Board Chair Shale Chambers.

“Sports clubs generally don’t have large budgets. Clubs can better spend their limited funds on equipment and attracting new members,” says Albert-Eden Local Board Chair Peter Haynes.


So should they pay while the rest of us don’t? Let us know what you think in the comments below.