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Planning Committee Decision Digests March 18: Town Centre Regeneration Proceeds, Takapuna Metropolitan Centre Gets Over the Line

Takapuna Metro Centre gets over the line   From Auckland Council: Committee votes to revitalise major town centres The Planning Committee gave the green light today to plans that will … Continue reading Planning Committee Decision Digests March 18: Town Centre Regeneration Proceeds, Takapuna Metropolitan Centre Gets Over the Line

Off to the Auckland Plan Committee

And Away I Go Giving a Presentation


May 2, I give a presentation to the Orakei Local Board on Special Character Zones and Centralised Master Community Plans as an alternative to some of our centres in the Unitary Plan (as we are a¬†heterogeneous¬†city). May 14 (as I have been granted Speaking Rights by the Deputy Mayor (to which I send my thanks ūüôā ) I give a largish presentation to the Auckland Plan Committee (the same committee overseeing The Unitary Plan) – on Manukau.


I have mentioned Manukau before at BR:AKL the most recent in my “THE CLUNKER AND ME (2) + A NOTE ON¬†MANUKAU” post which deals with ‘Sense of Identity,’ and on the planning perspective; “QUESTION: AUCKLAND ‚Äď METROPOLIS OR¬†MEGALOPOLIS/MEGAPOLIS” post.


  • May 14 ‚Äď Tuesday:¬†Auckland Town Hall¬†‚Äď Auckland Plan Committee (confirmed). I am asking for a speaking slot here while the Unitary Plan is still under the feedback process to provide clarification on the¬†Manukau City¬†Centre idea. After giving the idea at the Manukau Civic Forum and through my subsequent post:¬†MANUKAU AS THE SECOND CBD OF¬†AUCKLAND; the idea has been noted by Council (Councillors and planners) as well as growing some legs and going for a run. So to save the councillors getting befuddled around Manukau I thought I might go and clarify what I mean with Manukau as our Second CBD.

The post goes on with a note on Manukau and the City Centre Zones verse Metropolitan Zones per the Unitary Plan. My MANUKAU AS THE SECOND CBD OF¬†AUCKLAND”¬†post linked above outlines what will be the foundation to my presentation to the committee.



Something to think about

As I have been chatting away to various people on the concept of Manukau being a second CBD in Auckland; two interesting and thought-provoking questions popped up. They were:

  • Can Auckland be looking at THREE CBD‚Äôs by 2040: the existing CBD, Manukau and Albany (or¬†Takapuna(something the North Shore can figure out itself))
  • Is Auckland an actual metropolis or in fact a megapolis/megalopolis

As for the tri-CBD question; another time and another debate. Right now it is the metropolis/megapolis/megalopolis question for Auckland

Now before some one pipes up about the world megapolises and megalopolises being massive areas with tens of millions of people, I want you to put that world relativity concept behind and think of a New Zealand and literal Greek concept of the terms.

The best way to convey the information is an information dump from Wikipedia…


So plenty to chew on and quite of bit for me to draw up for my presentation in three weeks time to the Auckland Plan Committee. And yes the matter will most like be a “hot button” issue and be somewhat¬†contentious, but a matter needing to be raised and for the city to discuss ūüôā



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Follow Up To Mayor Has a Moment

Following Up on Milford and The Mayor


After comments both here at BR:AKL and BR:AKL’s Facebook Page (by the way I checked three times over – The Auckland Plan is Operative or we have a a few Councillors and bureaucrats giving out wrong information here) I thought in doing a follow-up post to the MAYOR HAS A MOMENT¬†(AGAIN?) post published on Monday.


The actual post is still being composed (got a few other tasks at hand taking up scarce time) but what I will cover is the following:

  • Difference between Low, Medium and High Density in regards to developments
  • Why I think Milford can support some taller residential buildings (not as tall as what is proposed in Takapuna)
  • Some replies to the comments generated from the Moment post
  • And observations around current situation with the Unitary Plan and The Environment Court


So stand by while I get the post composed (should be up tomorrow)



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