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Resilience in our Transport Network

The Need for a Resilient Network


When you see this (and similar Tweets) all to often you wonder how resilient is our entire transport network is:

There is an article in the Herald about accident that happened last night which is still having effects NOW can be seen here: Fatal crash in Auckland closes major route to airport

Manukau City Centre Area
Manukau City Centre Area

The accident happened on I believe the from north to west link of the State Highway One/Twenty interchange that is known for speeding traffic and useless merging


Having a major route to the airport closed is not particular good. Then again neither is accidents anywhere on the motorway network nor blockages on the rail network and the trains not being able to “run around.” So the question is how do we get the transport network to be more resilient for both freight and people.


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I shall answer the question myself this weekend.


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Integrated Transport Program Approved

$60 Billion – 30 year ITP Approved


I was at the Auckland Transport Board meeting today listening in on the Integrated Transport Program as well as (and mainly) any blood-letting from the latest patronage figures I alluded to earlier this week.


The AT Board did today however, did approve the $60 billion – 30 year Integrated Transport Program. In short the ITP brings together finally a single approach in dealing with all of Auckland‘s transport system from road to rail, car to train, cyclist to walker to ferry. The ITP also lists the amount of money needed – an eye watering $60 billion to maintain and renew existing transport assets while also investing in new transport assets as well. But as the ITP report states as embedded below; the funding is $15 billion short of the $60 billion needed. To make matters more interesting despite the investment via the ITP, Auckland will still be apparently worse off – go figure?


I’ll investigate this some more over Easter but for now happy reading


The Integrated Transport Program