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Auckland Conversations – Urban Economics

Good news

After the first 15 minutes and enough Twitter Spam to start a #trend we got into the nuts and bolts on the Urban Economics presentation by Harvard Professor Edward Glaeser.

Once his presentation is up I will retrieve it and link it back here. Needless to say it was a thought-provoking session although again the questions were patsy.

And tomorrow it is off to the Auckland Plan Committee to observe what will be a full day of Unitary Plan deliberations. I will be running the commentary live via the blog and Twitter on the proceedings as they happen. So stay tuned.


Auckland Conversations – Urban Economics

I am here at Aotea Centre waiting for the start on today’s Auckland Conversation piece on Urban Economics: Up or Out.

I will be tweeting live from the event as it happens.

I also wonder if I should open live bets on the questions. That is will we get some actual real questions asked to the panel (which includes our Deputy Mayor) today or will we get the same patsy questions from the same patsy people pushing their same patsy barrow.

I suppose we will soon see.