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My Waitangi Day

How One Spends His Waitangi Day


Waitangi Day (our New Zealand National Day) has different meanings for everyone. For me on such a clear day like this it means I first of all pay homage to Britain then go out into the garden to tend to the crops. Yes folks and some would be aware, we grow our own veges and have chickens for some “home-grown” eggs.


So today I popped out into the back garden for “round one:” harvesting. Round Two: mowing the lawns and ripping out Ivy” will happen later this afternoon or tomorrow morning!


A selection of today’s harvest from the back garden. (A note that a mix of organic and synthetic fertilisers and sprays are used for the crops. However I am pleased to note that spraying have been reduced this year with a bumper crop harvest under way)


More later


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