Shayne Currie and the mystery of the ever-changing statement

Ben Ross - Talking Auckland:

For those in Facebook who have gone

Sorry but you might not be understanding the role of the 4th Estate which is the Media holding the State to account.

What we have here is an Editor breaching ethics, ethics so needed when running stories especially sensitive stories and anonymous sources.

If such ethics are thrown out the window as might be apparent then the 4th Estate is no longer doing its job. And by that they are not holding to account the Government and State on issues like

Deployment to Iraq
Natural Disaster Response
Conduct of Government, Opposition, and MPs otherwise known as part of The Parliament
Policy that affects us all one way or the other
The Police (who have been in the firing line as of late)

So yes this is now an issue that matters as the 4th Estate is brought into disrepute when it meant to be an arm of our Democratic Institute. That is right the Media are part of our Democratic Institute as much as The Executive, The Legislature/Parliament, The Judiciary, and The State.

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In my previous post, I quoted the statement posted online by Shayne Currie, NZ Herald editor, in response to questions as to Rachel Glucina’s ethics. It’s a statement that was initially posted, disappeared, and was then re-posted.

What I hadn’t realised is that some quite fundamental changes were made to the statement between being posted and then being re-posted. They’ve been mapped by Peter Aranyi, author of the excellent On The Paepae blog, via Twitter:

Shayne Currie statement

The most pertinent change would seem to be the removal of the words “No objections were raised” from the second-to-last paragraph. Did Mr Currie, on second thoughts, realise that such a statement was indefensible?

Then note, in paragraph three, the inclusion of the phrase, “Regardless of any confusion over the initial approach, all three agreed they wanted to make a public statement.” As I’ve previously written, the  confusion seems to have been manufactured by Glucina…

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Rachel Glucina and journalistic ethics (or the lack thereof)

Ben Ross - Talking Auckland:

Two things from this:

1) The actions of two people – an editor and a gossip columnist no less have pretty much belittled the Main Stream Media profession and the fine work the journalists actually do out there. If people or organisations are more hesitant to approach the MSM now with stories gee I wonder then why

2) The entire saga has for 48 hours now buried anything else coming out in the cycles today. If Mayor Len Brown wanted to pass a 10% rates rise today he could have done so and Auckland would have been totally clueless until the next Rates bill. The point being today there have been some larger Auckland stories coming through such as:

Auckland Transport considering transport investment over the next three years

Minister of Finance Bill English and Mayor Len Brown are in Flatbush today launching a large housing project with housing so short in Auckland.

Sticking with the Mayor it seems he has done it again and struck a deal on the Port situation. Len is known for striking deals that are the most pragmatic in the middle of a cluster turd storm

The PonyTailGate affair has been one bollocking up that is a case of wanting to turn away from a slow moving wreck but you can not.
The original offence of the Prime Minister touching someone without consent is still a big NO NO on all grounds.
The Herald cocking things up is something else entirely.

Talking Auckland does feel for the good journalists out there today. Why should two inept idiots ruin it for the rest.

Talking Auckland also feels for the waitress caught in this Category 5 shit storm. Having worked in hospitality as a worker and manager I would be guttered if from what I am hearing the owners effectively pimped out the story the way it seems to be unfolding. The Hospo Industry is fast pace and fun but hell it can be downright trying as well.

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As everyone knows, John Key yesterday became an international laughing stock thanks to his penchant for stroking or yanking women’s ponytails. The blog that yesterday outed the issue kept the waitress’s name secret – her account of John Key’s actions at the cafe where she worked was anonymous.

Turns out it didn’t take long for her name to hit the headlines, thanks to the actions of NZ Herald gossip columnist / wannabe-real-journalist Rachel Glucina. You might remember Ms Glucina from Dirty Politics

An excerpt from Nicky Hagar's book Dirty Politics. An excerpt from Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics.

The waitress has detailed her account of Ms Glucina’s overtures here, and, if true, Glucina’s actions (and, indeed, the actions of her editor, Shayne Currie) reflect appallingly on the Herald. Here’s the long and short of it:

  • The Parnell cafe, Rosie, in which this all went down, is owned by Hip Group.
  • Rachel Glucina’s twin brother, Henry

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