New (Rail Timetable) and We Ready to AT-HOP

You Ready or You Going to Look Silly?


Two large-scale changes coming through on the rail network over the next couple of weeks that will affect your travels.


First is the new weekday timetable for all Auckland metro rail lines (Southern, Eastern, Manukau, Onehunga and Western Lines) starting Monday 15th October (tomorrow when I wrote this post):

Online versions can be found on the respective links below

Make sure you check the new timetable before setting out on your journey, and keep yourself up-to-date with the station electronic displays (on stations that have them). And to help yourself making sure you do not board the wrong train, check the electronic displays on the trains to where they are going. Simple stuff folks so you know when your train is, and where the train is going – otherwise you will look real silly.


Second change with takes affect 27 October is AT-HOP

We ready to AT-HOP?




And yes you must purchase or have a valid pass/ticket/card before boarding otherwise your trip might be a bit slower than one wants.


All in all, interesting times ahead for all.


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    1. It would of if AT kept the Day Rover and Family Pass (as fare caps) available on the Rail Ticket Machines and AT-HOP store valued cards… But no: $57:80 for a round trip on the trains for a family of four kids and two adults with AT-HOP?

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