Summer Holidays

Getting Ready for a Summer Holiday


Summer is here, Christmas is three weeks away and 2013 now being four weeks away. And as so businesses and civic institutions close down and people go away on holiday.

Apart from Christmas day itself I will be working through the holiday season and will be taking Annual Leave again in March next year as Rebekka and I head to Australia for our holiday. But in that regard BR:AKL will also be on Summer holiday too from December 21 until Wellington Anniversary weekend (somewhere mid January) before firing up again next with more of that commentary and analysis, plus the campaign to Papakura Local Board 2013.


However before we all go, just a couple of things cropping up at the moment as the year winds down:

First being tomorrow’s Auckland Council Transport Committee in which you can go read all 220 pages in the embed down below. I shall be present at that Committee meeting keeping an eye on proceedings and hopefully catching up with a couple of Councillors and wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The second thing being is that I still have one Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request outstanding in the Manukau Parking Building that I am awaiting the information from Auckland Transport. I am also in the process of writing up another LGOIMA request on a particular issue I have been keeping a close eye on.

And the last thing being is that I have finished reading the report into our Upper North Island Ports (including Port of Auckland). I shall write commentary up on that in the New Year including continued pushing for having the port moved down the South East coast.


So hope your Christmas preparations are all going well – and here is the 220 pages of all things transport in Auckland (seeming most of us are going to be stuck on the roads one point or another in the run up to these holidays)