Giving A Damn – About Auckland

For Auckland

Because I Live Here Too…


At 1400 hours today (2pm) I will be at the Manukau Civic Centre (the old Manukau City Council Building) giving my three-minute presentation then hopefully 7-minutes of dialogue with the four member Auckland Transport RPTP Hearings Panel.


The writing of submissions and showing up at hearings has basically become a “tradition” here since my first comprehensive submission (The Auckland Plan) in 2011. The question that begs to be asked is “Why?”


The answer is simple:

Because I live here too – and I give a damn about my home (Auckland) no matter what silly buggers Council can get up to 😛


So I thought I would show case some of my work over the last two years in participating widely in the democratic process on wanting and making Auckland a better place:


I will let readers know how the Regional Public Transport Plan presentation went later on today or early tomorrow morning



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