February Blog Rankings Out

BR:AKL Continues Improvement in Ranks


Open Parachute has released their February 2013 New Zealand Blog Rankings. You can find the complete list over at “February ’13 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking” which is compiled by Open Parachute at the beginning of a new month.


This is where BR:AKL is for February 2013:

73 Ben Ross: Auckland 1987 3040


Checking back through Sitemeter February was the blog’s third best month with growth tracking well since December. This month I will be in Australia (Sydney and Brisbane) for two weeks so there will be slight interruption in commentary (plenty of holiday snaps will be uploaded however 😀 ) in Auckland issues as well as me missing the launch of the draft Unitary Plan. However as we draw closer to the elections at the end of the year BR:AKL will be for sure keeping an eye on candidates seeking our votes. Work on BR:AKL projects like the Alternative Unitary Plan, and Southern Auckland Future Growth plans will also continue; as well as keeping Auckland Transport “honest” and pushing for feedback on Sky-Path.


So a big shout out and thanks to all the readers (and commenters) at BR:AKL. Without you the blog would not be possible


Oh and I do not run the blog out of a basement as Open Parachute’s picture would suggest 😛 . The main computer is actually in the living room where I can survey the entire property as well as having the phone and tablet at hand when out in the field. However changing the world – well yeah, one more step at a time 😀



Shining The Light – To a Better Papakura (OUR home)
To a Better Auckland – (OUR City)

Auckland 2013: YOUR CITY – YOUR CALL


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