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The Auckland Council has put the word out and the blogs and Twittersphere shall oblige – to spread the word that our master rule book, the Unitary Plan is fast approaching being released for the first public wide feedback


As readers would know I have been participating in the lead up to the Unitary Plan through various portals including: People’s Panel, The Civic Forum and direct interaction with Councillors including Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. While I will be away for formal launch of the Unitary Plan (in Australia), I will still be “filing” my feedback when I return. Luckily I already have a jump-start on the feedback with my submission to The Auckland Plan forming a solid foundation to critiques of the Draft Unitary Plan.


But for the moment I am not the only one being canvassed for feedback – ALL OF AUCKLAND IS BEING CANVASSED FOR THEIR FEEDBACK HERE.


So bookmark this website portal into your address bars if you want to actively be kept abreast on how Council will affect your lives for the next thirty odd years:


Shape Auckland .  – The Unitary Plan Portal


Unitary Plan commentary will resume at BR:AKL from March 24

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