Karaka Public Meeting – Karaka Collective Presents

Karaka Collective to Present on their proposals (and hopefully why)


A comment was made in my “RUB DISCUSSIONS” post in regards to the Karaka Collective:

The Karaka Resident & Ratepayers Association have organised two public meetings in Karaka on the RUB. The first in February attracted 250 people the second in April attracted 175. We are organising another public meeting on Monday 13th May in the Karaka Hall at 7.30pm. This meeting is to give the Karaka Collective the opportunity to speak to the community about the Council Southern RUB options, transport linkages and the Collective’s vision for future settlement in Karaka.

Our Association is hosting this public meeting and does not have a view on the proposal for or against and will remain neutral throughout. The people of Karaka are very aware of the need for input to this draft Unitary Plan and we are making sure they are very well informed.

This is a public meeting and hope that Weymouth people in particular will attend also.


Of note I was at the April 14 meeting


But from the comment made it is apparent that Karaka and Weymouth will hear from the Karaka Collective on why the Collective advocate for the Karaka North and West options plus the Weymouth-Karaka Bridge.

At the same time I have been pointed to some vital information on the Karaka Collective “vision” on how Karaka North and West development would occur if allowed by the Unitary Plan. Three pieces of it is in the embeds below with the fourth via a link ( Karaka Development Plan ). Note: the individual files are large so not recommended viewing by Mobile device unless you want it to crash…


Karaka North and West Development Studio Booklet


Karaka North and West Layout+e+Book+Final+Test2


Karaka North and West Thread Studio5+Karaka+Odna


Rural Urban Boundaries – South End


I also hold a paper copy of each of the files as well.


May 13 should prove to be a lively meeting. I have made my opposition to Karaka North and West being developed as well as THAT bridge not going ahead. However, I am interested to hear the logic and methodology on the reason behind Karaka North and West from The Karaka Collective. But I wonder if they are interested in hearing MY logic and reasoning made out in my “WEYMOUTH AND THAT BRIDGE” post which basically were (and ending up in my submission to the Unitary Plan:

  • Oppose the Weymouth-Karaka Bridge due to:
    • Rat running down Weymouth Road and Roscommon Road to and from State Highways One and 22
    • Lower amenity and safety of the Karaka and Weymouth Communities
    • Increased air and noise pollution
  • Oppose the RUB Option allowing Karaka North and West to be built
  • As an alternative I support the Transport Corridor Option in developing the RUB providing
      • A green belt maintained between Pukekohe and Paerata
      • New waste water treatment plant is built
      • That transit link over the Inlet is not built
      • What was labelled Karaka North and West either be allowed to be converted to Lifestyle blocks or even better a regional reserve seeming wading birds live in those areas
      • And that Auckland Transport will build the Drury and Paerata Mass Transit Interchanges (rail and bus station, and park and ride)


In any case; May 13 at Karaka with Karaka Collective presenting…



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2 thoughts on “Karaka Public Meeting – Karaka Collective Presents

  1. The Unitech BLA 3rd year students who produced these 8 Karaka West development plans show a lack of understanding of how such developments impact on other areas ie. how development at Karaka would effect the Weymouth community. I wonder if the group of students who cleverly photoshopped a bridge into the photo (obviously supplied to them) of Karaka West viewed from Weymouth, have any understanding of the hurt this image causes Weymouth residents. One out of the eight projects acknowledge that a Weymouth-Karaka bridge is ‘a sensitive issue’ and planned their Karaka vision for if there was or wasn’t a bridge built. I hope the other students have another year or two of study to complete before they become the future planners and landscape architects of New Zealand. They may perhaps develop the maturity to understand how the projects they work on can impact on the environment and neighbouring communities.

    1. Unfortunately unless they go overseas for a few years to gain international experience, most of those students will end straight up in Auckland Council.

      I remember as a Masters of Planning Practice student at Auckland Uni having to do my two urban design papers. One on Wynyard Quarter and the other on Tamaki. I still have both of my final papers/presentations from both subjects to which I scored A- and special commendations for both. In both urban design projects I did while I got the commendations, the work was controversial and ahead of its time from the current school of thought then and now in planning circles and with Auckland Council.

      However I have used both papers as base material in my submissions to Council before and will do so again in the future.

      Unlike these students with Karaka I would take into account sensitivities. What would I do if presented with the Karaka situation? Well already made my vision clear…

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