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Last month I had written a post that carried the title: “SHIFT OVER AUCKLAND COUNCIL” which illustrated a possible involvement for the private sector to come in on the Unitary Plan “consultation” process.


In further light of that particular post and my continued work on the Unitary Plan, I have decided to make do with what I said in that particular post and focus my (actual) business towards the Unitary Plan. I introduce to you TotaRim Consultancy Limited; ‘Informing and Working With You through the Unitary Plan


TotaRim "poster"
TotaRim “poster”


I will release the “flyer” on services TotaRim Consultancy Limited offers in regards to Unitary Plan (Advocacy) Services over the weekend along with full contact details (and a bit of luck the website which is under construction).


While I have been devoting a lot of resources in all this UP work – out of civic duty, there is a time to go pro – this time being it. 🙂

More to come on TotaRim as it and the Unitary Plan happen.


2 thoughts on “Introducing TotaRim

  1. Good on you.Took long enough.Charity work can only go so far before you and your family become permanent fixtures at the city mission. People never appreciate free at the end of the day and give you the flick when not required.

    1. Good on ya Ben hope the council pays you for what you have if you have contributed to date All the best Ben Ross. Millie I beg to differ with you I have been doing social work charity from the age of 16 for 42 years without any political ambitions or ulterior motives and I did not land up at the city missions and dont see this happening for another so many years if God willing I live that long if I dont I have had a good run. yes half the time I spend on business my own and have the time on social work, politics and partying because I like to keep a balance. The best job is a thankless job if one is dedicated they do not expect appreciation or gratitude in return or they cannot do social or charitable work. I am for kids with cancer .e.g because they did not smoke, take the contraceptive pill or use an antiperspirant that caused their cancer, the disabled,the elderly and battered women with young kids. If one looks for a benefit from doing charitable work then they will land up in the city missions Yeah Right!

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