To a Professional Era

What was a hobby is now a Professional Enterprise


At the beginning of the month I introduced TotaRim Consultancy Limited, my private firm handling: urban/transport planning and management, as well as advocacy on Auckland issues. Just recently the enterprise grew legs and  went for a run. That is as TotaRim lands clients things begin to progress and evolve. “What started as a hobby with Ben Ross : Auckland (the blog) is now a professional enterprise with all things Auckland – that being TotaRim Consultancy Limited.”


To reflect this progress to a now professional era I will be reformatting the blog from what was a hobby blog to a professional communication forum of TotaRim. Changes will occur and be noticed over the rest of May as the reformat occurs.


No I will not activate a Pay-wall as  I don’t believe in them for what the blog and the enterprise are setting out to do.


Again I wish to thank all the readers and comments people have made over the blog’s life, and that you will join me in to the next era.


While The Clunker might be a drag, there are still exciting times ahead for Auckland in urban and transport planning. TotaRim and BR:AKL will be there in those times ahead


Ben Ross

Managing Director
TotaRim Consultancy Limited


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3 thoughts on “To a Professional Era

  1. Congrats Ben and nice work. I would be interested in catching up in person in the near future.

  2. All the best for the future Ben as your business venture evolves, and I look forward to continuing to read the information you share with us all. Regards Millie

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