May 31 – Final Day for Unitary Plan

Get your submission in

St Heliers UP meeting
St Heliers UP meeting


May 31 at 5pm is the cut off for you getting your feedback to the Council on the draft Unitary Plan.

While I have finished the draft of my own feedback (currently at 98 pages + executive summary) and am refining it, the blog has been covering the UP extensively since March 16.

You can see all the Unitary Plan commentary (96 items thus far) through this link here:


A Brief Insight to what my submission is covering:

  1. Recognition of the Auckland Plan 60:40 Brownfield:Greenfield urban development split. This recognition has been built into my submission in allowing flexibility of urban development as Auckland and the market sees as required. This means a 70:30 or 65:35 split can be possible if the city and market so desires it.
  2. Using the Housing Simulator a basic overall narrative on height limits in the range centres outlined in the Unitary Plan. In saying that this narrative is on the existing Unitary Plan’s centres’ definitions and not mine after reshuffling centre definitions and hierarchy around. In short though the following via the Simulator will be outlined in the submission:
    1. City Centre Zone: No height limit
    2. Metropolitan Centres: 18 storeys (as is)
    3. Town Centres: lowered from 8 to 5 storeys
    4. Local Centres: lowered from 4 to 3 storeys
    5. Neighbourhood Centres: 2 storeys with three storeys on a case by case basis
  3. Redefining Centre definitions and rearranging the hierarchy. This includes the introduction of the Large Town Centre (with a height limit of 8-12 storeys) into the Unitary Plan. Upgrading or downgrading individual centres into other definitions in the Unitary Plan is pointed out here. Three examples are:
    1. Manukau upgraded from Metropolitan Centre to City Centre Zone
    2. Papakura downgraded from Metropolitan Centre to  Large Town Centre
    3. Milford downgraded from Town Centre to Local Centre
  4. Sending planning and urban development oversight back down to the Local Boards via the Centralised Master Community Plan and Semi-Liberal Plan Districts. This would not apply to high level regional aspects such as the urban management of the City Centre Zones
  5. Redefining the zones in the draft Unitary Plan from what it has now (Single House Zone etc) to an American style model that allows flexibility and simplicity in understanding the “rules” of the zone. This also includes introducing the Special Character Zone
  6. Integrated Land Use and Transport policies. Try and get the infrastructure ahead and properly future proofed before urban development was to occur (this would require coordination rather than traditional silo thinking.
  7. Running a dual-core city model; that is Manukau as a Second CBD


After May 31, then we wait and see as Council plays its next move with the Unitary Plan. What will change and what won’t before formal notification at the end of the year…