Public Transport Fares going Up

The New Fares


Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier
Yes the sole machine was out of order, however tech support had been notified 10mins earlier


Okay so from June 3 the fares of public transport in Auckland go both up and down (but mostly up) as AT-HOP continues its roll out. While you can read my previous post on this matter “Screwing the Little Guy?” below is the fare movements.

The entire list can be seen HERE, otherwise this is the movements for train fares

Fare changes for trains are:

Product Price before 3 June Price from 3 June
1 stage Adult AT HOP $1.60 $1.62
2 stage Adult AT HOP $3.00 $3.06
3 stage Adult AT HOP $4.05 No change
4 stage Adult AT HOP $5.04 No change
5 stage Adult AT HOP $6.00 $6.12
6 stage Adult AT HOP $6.90 $7.11
7 stage Adult AT HOP $8.00 $8.10
8 stage Adult AT HOP $9.05 $9.27
1 stage Tertiary  $1.10  $1.17
2 stage Tertiary  $2.10  $2.21
3 stage Tertiary  $2.79  $2.92
4 stage Tertiary  $3.47  $3.64
5 stage Tertiary  $4.21  $4.42
6 stage Tertiary  $4.75  $5.08
7 stage Tertiary  $5.58  $5.85
8 stage Tertiary  $6.38  $6.69
Single Zone Monthly Pass $120 $140
All Zone Monthly Pass $255 $250
All other train fares remain the same

So if you use a 6-stage Adult AT-HOP fare (Papakura to Britomart (yay I get screwed over here), Waitakere to Britomart), or any Tertiary AT-HOP concession over 4-stages the sting from the rises is going to add up rather quick if you travel frequently.

As I mentioned recently I might as well leave the AT-HOP card at home and use cash fares if this is going to happen.

If I were to travel from Papakura to Britomart (return) Monday to Friday that would be an extra $2.10 a week (although I would be on a Monthly anyhow) while if I did that as a Tertiary Student (no monthly pass available here) it would be an extra $3.30/week. OUCH!

You would think AT would move the bus HOP fares down to match the trains, not move the train fares up to match the buses. Ah well – I am not Auckland Transport nor facing the issue of continued flagging rail patronage…

Lucky I am home based for my occupation at the moment which cuts out most travel unless visiting clients…