The Unitary Plan – Some Opinions

A Three Prong Piece on the Unitary Plan


Rangitoto Island

While I have the paper edition of the Herald landing in my letter box for the next four weeks I might as well enjoy reading what goes on in my favourite section that does not often get published online – the opinion pages.

I went surfing through the opinion pages this morning and found this three pong piece on the Unitary Plan by three (well four) different people. As it is not online (okay it is now)… Right as I was writing this the three perspectives are now online making it easier to link back here. However I will still embed the scanned copy I took as well.

The Perspectives are (and linked):

There is a second piece on Mayoral Candidate John Palino at the North Shore Times piece: “Palino notes North Shore’s concerns” also

Four different people (two wrote their piece as a single “article”) and three different perspectives towards the Unitary Plan.

With Anna Subritzky’s piece I was alerted by Russell Brown @publicaddress on Council’s Waterview Precinct Plan which can be found HERE as a matter of perspective to the opinion piece.


Next week I will write-up an “Evaluation” exercise on the last 11 weeks of the Unitary Plan from my own eyes and experiences. Also I will comment on where to next with the Unitary Plan as a round of Local Board and Key Stakeholder workshops happen – as well as formal notification.

Comments on the three opinion pieces in the Herald are welcome – especially as I know what you are thinking as the UP feedback draws to a close.

The Scanned Copy of the Opinion pieces from this morning



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