Record Month for the Blog

NZ Blog Rankings Out

And the Open Parachute NZ blog rankings for May are out. Talking Auckland (formally BR:AKL) took 46th place for the month on the back of strong Unitary Plan coverage.

From Open Parachute:

May ’13 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

46 Ben Ross: Auckland 4766 7815

It all seems we had plenty to talk about with the Unitary Plan – now closed for this round of feedback with BR:AKL leading the charge on the commentary from Day One (even while in Australia).

A massive thanks to the readers and those who commented. Big shout outs to Generation Zero, ATB, Russell Brown at Public Address and Metro Magazine for keeping the sanity and balance in the Unitary Plan commentary.

With the Unitary Plan to one-side and a hot topic issue now died down for now, it is a case of what next. There does not seem to be many things as “sexy” as the UP that stirs the passion of the city. While I will cover the 2013 Elections and resume coverage on transport and Port of Auckland, I ask the readers what are you looking for or want covered between now and the next round of Unitary Plan submissions (the formal notification).

Although again folks no I am not running for a Council seat on Auckland Council. My apologies there for this round. 2016 however – well I won’t rule that out 😉

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